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A Busy January!

I have been very busy since I was crowned Ms. Beautiful 2008 back in December.    I think my career is really starting to bloom!  Here is what I have been up to;

I was invited to be a judge for two pageants for Anrol Anthony and Steve McCullogh;          and      I do have some RL judging experience. It is always difficult to do a good job in my opinion. Normally the competitions are very close. Details make all the difference!

I have agreed to accept a postion with Simone Stern as an assistant.  I will be working with her Stylist, Arabella Graves to organize some models for Simone!

I landed an interior decorating gig for the redesign of a new store, Flirtini.  My wife babegurl and I redesigned the structure and decorated it from the ground up/ inside and out!  It was very enjoyable, it turned out great and it was quite lucrative! Check it out in SL;  Flirtini, it features hip clothing and is a stunning pink design!

I shot the cover Advertisement for the Winter Showcase for Voodoo Vogue Fashion.  Visit Voodoo Vogue to see my “Snow Nymph” look!  It really is stunning, I cant believe it is even me.  Alizarin Frog did the shoot and the photoshoping, she is an awesome photographer and soo easy to work with!

I also was a cover model in the “Voodoo Vogue Hawaii” cover as well as for their “January Showcase”!

Perhaps the biggest news is that I am featured in the January Issue of Dressed 2 Kill Magazine in Second Life!  This consisted of an interview and photo.

I  am also featured on the website!

So I have been very busy since i was crowned Ms. Beautiful 2008!

Look me up ingame or leave a comment here, I would love to work if I am available!

OH.. new headshot!

Love, Cooa


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