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OMG! Just Crowned Ms Beautiful 2008!

After a LONG and difficult two month pageant competition, I made my way to the top ten finals of the Ms. Beautiful Pageant.  Along the way I competed over twenty times walking the runway each time.  I also competed in the print competition at the same time.

The print contest was a public voting contest and there were approximately 70 competitors at one point.  I changed my Print work about  four times during the contest.    I relied solely on friends and family to support me through the print competition and they came through; I finished second which qualified me for the top ten finals.

During the two month judged pageant portion of the competition, I walked the Ms. Beautiful runway (a 5 pose complex runway format) over 20 times.  I was chosen Ms. Beautiful Fresh Face Runnerup and Ms. Beautiful Best Body Shape 2008 along the way.    Even though I think I did a fine job during these pageants, I was not overly  successful in winning the judges favor throughout these walks.  But I pressed on through the competition and improved my SL runway technique immensely during these pageants.   I also made a number of FANTASTIC friends and  contacts along the way!

Please read on for details of the competition and credits for the clothing I wore.  Go to my Flikr to view the photos!

And so.. On to the finals last night, the 13th of December.  This was a three walk competition (Creative Outfit, Bikini, Couture One of a kind Gown), judged by a 5 Judge panel.  I had a number of catastrophes throughout the finals.. omg.  But I pressed through those.  Here is a list of what all went wrong for me DURING the pageant;

First.. my HUD would not stop talking when  I touched it.  It would not mute, a problem that developed about 10 minutes before the competition, so….. that meant that I could not use it and I had no time to relog or get a new one out.  OMG!  So I ran all of my animations off of my SCREEN, not through a HUD.  What a disaster.

Next, we were to wear a creative outfit and have a description read aloud.  I had changed mine during the week and the announcer read my OLD information, not the updated outfit description.. OMG  #2.  But not the end of the world (because the judges had the correct information).

THEN,  the announcer read my bio incompletely… OMG #3.    Again, not the end of the world (because the judges had the correct information).  BUT I was horrified because I WANTED to publicly give credit to those who helped me along the way.

Then, throughout the competition I competed between two models who had not done much runway work at Ms. Beautiful (OMG #4),  one of which was not at the run through.  So they were all over the runway throughout the competition,  in my way, and not following the format at all.  LOL.  I successfully dodged them for the most part.

Lastly, we were to answer question put to us by the judges.   I had great answers prepared ahead of time that would have fit MOST of the questions other competitors received very well.   MY question, on the other hand was a weak one I thought, about mixing SL and RL (OMG #5)..  My answer was pretty straight forward and short.  There just is not a lot of cute or creative answers you can apply to that question.  hehe.  I did my best with it.  BTW.. I DONT mix RL and SL. EVER.   That is because of my um… Complex RL.

Soo overall the Pageant was pretty much a mess for me.  or so I thought.  I was pretty depressed at this point.

But eventually the competitors were all posing in front of the stage, all walking done, all questions answered, just waiting for the final announcements.  Who had won?  OMG.  As the winners were read down from 10th to runnerup.. my name was not read.. “had they forgotten me entirely?”, I wondered.  “Where is my name”, I asked with disbelief.    Then it came down to the final two.. Zya Savira and myself.   And.. then…. after a long drawn out process.  OMG!  I had won.  Literally months of hard work and commitment had paid OFF.   I had won the gift certificates, the 30,000 L, the Tiara and Trophy and Banner which were nice.  But… in the end, it was the friends and contacts I had made and the wonderful people I had met along the way that was the main reward for me!

Yes. ok.. I will say it once more.  I, Cooa Spyker am  Ms. Beautiful 2008!

Sun Dec 14 07:06:47 2008


OUR 2ND PLACE WENT TO ZYA SAVIRA AND THIRD WENT TO POLGARA PAINE, runner up is Shakira Caproni, Harleybeth Amoufhaz,
Spirit Llewellyn,  Hailie Smythe, Katelan Collins and Michelef Bikcin. We thank our judges for a great job. Simone Stern! Swaffette Firefly, Alexander Vargas, Eira  Juliesse and Star Jessop

One of the highlights was that I was able to compete alongside my sister Spirit who was also in the finals.  I could not have made it through without her!  And so.. to my thank yous!

First and foremost I want to thank my Family.  You all know who you are and I could not have done this without you all there, right next to me.  Babe, Spirit, Tristin and Laska, Ekvall and all the rest.  I love you more than I can say!

Next I want to thank the competitors.  Ladies, you were all wonderful to work with for the most part!  Thank you for being fair, honest, tolerant, helpful and sooo FUN!

I want to thank the Ms. Beautiful Pageant folks Anrol and Steve for organizing the pageant and also being helpful and tolerant throughout. And the judges and sponsors who perservered through the process as well.

I want to thank the Photographers I worked with and used for photos for the Pageant.  Specifically, I need to credit Ms. Kathy Dayton and Ms Alianna Logan whose head shots carried me!

I want to thank the followng peeps for my clothing during the Pageant,

Creative Outfit

Shape : Indulgence Annie II  modified
Hair:  Aveda Short Crop 2 Ad, Sienna
Eyes:  Indulgence Green
Skin:  SdR Vanilla Tone, Heiress
Jewelry:  EarthStones Poinsettia Earrings and Necklace
Shoes:  Tesla, Vixen II Classic
Dress:  Magic Dress, Furry White Bite Me Set (modified to two pieces, from just a bottom to a top and bottom)


Shape : Indulgence Annie II  modified
Hair:  Laqroki Raven, Mahogany
Eyes:  WD Realistic Eyes, Cyan 120
Skin:  Rockberry, Kate B Natural
Jewelry:  none
Shoes:  Lastitude & Ennui Signature Sandals
Bikini:  Nyte’N’Day Festoon Bikini

One of a Kind Couture Gown

Shape : Indulgence Annie II  modified
Hair:  !TM Romance, Chocolate
Eyes:  Yeux,  Marie France
Skin:  Rockberry, Kate C Natural
Jewelry:  Testellations, Dark Saphire, all pieces and Earthstones, Stacked Stoner bracelet
Shoes:  Maitreya, Verve Blue2
Dress:  One of a Kind Couture Gown by Amutey DeCuir of Bliss Couture
Hose:  Battered Boudoir, Lace Blue.


With sincere gratitude and love,

Cooa Spyker


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  1. So Lucky That I found your blog and great articles. I will come to your blog often for finding new great article from your blog. Thank you

    Comment by bikini | December 16, 2008

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