Cooa Spyker Modeling

All about my Modeling career in Second Life

Hello Fashionistas!


Hello my name is Cooa Spyker. Peeeeeels off the name tag now… <smiles sweetly>

I was rezzed 10/30/2007 and it has been a rollercoaster ride ever since! I am tall and leggy, my hair is auburn and my eyes are green. RL age; 24. I am a mature professional IRL with a college degree. I am VERY good with people. (I also have some RL experience modeling). I live in the US CST zone, but i travel quite often. I have dabbled in many different parts of the SL experience.

When i started in SL I started as a dancer, a hostess and then moved into club ownership. These are some of the clubs i have been associated with; Katmandu, Lauren’s Styxx and Stones, Corporate Indescretions, Castle Rock and other clubs.

I gradually became more and more interested in the fashion scene in SL and slowly moved into modeling. I really enjoy shopping and trying different styles and designers. My favoite Designers are Simone Stern, Nicki Ree, Maitreya, and Edo. My credits include; Clothing testing for Tristin and Laska’s Yardsale shops, Caustic Designs Model, Opium Fashion Inaugural Model, VooDoo Vogue Model, Superelite Fashion Model graduate, I was chosen as Ms. Beautiful Fresh Face Runnerup model just this month!

I think i do have a fresh face. I work well in many different genres of clothing from edgy to casual to formal.

I have run my own interior decorating business, Spyker Interiors. It is in hibernation right now. I still decorate if asked.

My dislikes are laziness, inconsistent people and people who are insincere. I like hard work, frankness and honesty.

I have a wonderful GF in SL and I also have a wonderful family in SL.. I would not live without them. It is wonderful to have a base of nice folks and friends to relate to in SL. My nickname issss… The BRAT.. Cause i am a spoiled brat (but a nice one). Giggles. I like shopping, listening to tunes, relaxing on the water, meditating, surfing and sailing in my spare time.

Love, Cooa Spyker


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